Monday, June 11, 2012

Frank Rendo: A Ordinary Guy with an Extraordinary Gift

 Through the internet I've known Frank for about five years. He is an excellent vocalist with a sparkle and joy in his voice. Like his voice, Frank the man, is honest, down to earth and delightful. Frank sings in a restful tone which reaches in and grabs at the soul. I am proud to know Frank and my life has been enriched from the joy I get from hearing his voice.
Randall Webb

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How Can You Say No to This Man?
Singer Frank Rendo Inspires Hope Within His Audience
Frank Rendo is thrilled to be ask to share the stage with friend Michael Amante tonight, singing 2 duets with him. This is Frank’s third appearance in this legendary theatre.

Frank is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary gift. Unassuming, down to earth and just plain easy to talk to, he’s not the usual type you’d expect to be carrying around a powerhouse of a voice that can render an entire audience spellbound and speechless; but he does.

He carries his own sound equipment if necessary and enters his performances without the benefit of a body guard or entourage. When ready to begin, he simply smiles at the audience, greets them like family and then opens his mouth and out pours this glorious expression of such vocal beauty that touches you so profoundly, you believe he is singing just to you.

A member of NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences), and a voting member of the Grammys, ASCAP artist and songwriter, Frank Rendo always offers his audience a heartfelt and sincere musical presentation with powerful messages of comfort, strength, hope and inspiration that are conveyed through every note he sings.

Frank’s talent has taken him throughout the USA and Europe. Frank began as a performer and music director for the group Front Line, an inspirational vocal group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which toured the USA, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Frank then moved on to be part of, Epiphany, a trio which toured the USA, Denmark and Israel before striking out on his own as a solo artist. This career choice vaulted Frank into the spotlight of well loved vocal performing artists and his solid fan base continually reflects in his sold out performances.

His impressive and varied career includes 5 solo albums to date, Deliver Me featuring the single “Don’t Laugh At Me,” Inspired: Songs From Broadway & Film, Remembering Christmas featuring the single “God Help The Outcasts,” Shine, and, How Can You Say No to This Man? all of which have sold thousands and received rave reviews.

Frank has numerous personal concert appearances, regional theatre credits and voice over work to his credit. A true crowd favorite, Frank can be seen regularly performing at East Northport, Long Island’s premiere music showplace, Samantha’s L’il Bit of Heaven, enjoying a monthly, “Evening with Frank Rendo” concert, hosted on the first Saturday of each month to sold-out crowds (tel 631-262-1212). His resume also cites that most recently, he has appeared in 3 television commercials, 2 of which were for the MTV “Rock The Vote Campaign” and VH-1 “Behind The Music” and the other was for Sears. Between his performances, Frank teaches voice and coaches other performers.

Frank is also a gifted producer and has co-produced musical fundraisers at Nassau Coliseum and Westbury Music Fair for “Jesus Alive”, a non-profit organization to help raise money to feed the homeless on Long Island, with a major successful Long Island event at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts on 10/10/10 that yielded a large amount of funds for the cause. The show was an original music play written by his music partner Palma Pascale, entitled Did You Talk To Him Today? It was replayed on June 11, 2011 at the Bay Shore Assembly of God Church, and on October 20, 2012, will again be performed at the Village of Faith Church in Farmingville, Long Island. Currently, Frank is singing alongside tenor Michael Amante in a “Michael Amante and Friends” concert series.

Don't Laugh At Me by Frank Rendo
"Don't Laugh At Me" is born out of Frank's commitment to stamp out bullying.

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Thank You Frank!