Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dying Elk Herd... welcome to their humor-filled horror...

The Dying Elk Herd is an old-school-ish pop-punk band from Lancaster, PA. Their upbeat sound sits well amongst bands such as Weezer and Presidents of the USA. With in the music The Dying Elk Herd interjects many instances of humor without being to "cheeky". Good clean and slick music for simple enjoyment.

Currently The Dying Elk Herd is enjoying a bit of success with their musical contribution to a recently released indie "Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You". The Dying Elk Herd wrote the title song and performed it for the movie. The movie is described as a family oriented horror comedy.
-Randall Webb

The members of The Dying Elk Herd grew up in the shadows of the punk shows played in the early days at the "old" Chameleon Club and various other venues in the area on the front side of the 1980's.

Dave Benner, Greg Cathey and Curt Laudenberger grew up in Lancaster, PA. All went to different high schools but somehow managed to meet and become friends while traveling in the same circles; circles consisting of skaters, freaks, punk rockers, musicians and your basic anti-social malcontents. Early on, Dave was in Nobody's Fools, which later morphed into Kirk and the Jerks. Around that time, Greg & Curt were in The Dilemmas together. At one point, Dave and Curt played together in Kirk and the Jerks circa 1988. Dave first sang lead when he, Greg and Curt formed Strange Angels circa 1990. That band turned into Mystery City with Dave's brother, Eric Benner (of Stiletto Boys fame.) Greg then played with Jet Silver. In 1994 Dave, Greg and Curt played together again in another version of Kirk & the Jerks, which disbanded in 1996. You get the idea - they've played a few songs together. Fast forward just 13 short years later and the three of them rose again from the Jerks ashes. They got reacquainted when the movie Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas used some Mystery City music in their credits, and they began a project which is now known as The Dying Elk Herd.

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Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You (2012)

Another Restless Night (2012)

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