Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introducing... Audio Kings of the Third World

It is with extreme happiness that I introduce to you Audio Kings of the Third World. I discovered them when I did a google+ search for unsigned bands. They were mentioned by someone in one of my circles. I did further searches on youtube and other areas and quickly came to really like their music. I emailed the band and got a response from Jack (one of the band's founding members). As I researched these guys I came to discover they're just normal everyday looking dudes who make really excellent music. Somewhat steeped in new wave 80's meets 60's psychedelic rock. What a powerful combination. I'm convince, these guys are great!
- Randall Webb

 Audio Kings of the Third World (2011)

Jack Cannon - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, programming
John Oates - Vocals
Jim Hall - Guitar
Peter Heleva - Bass
Drum Machine - Drums (Jack Cannon programs the samples the beats)

Why the name Audio Kings of the Third World. About ten years ago the band was playing a gig with the band Monkey 101. The poster for the show read, "audio kings of the third world Monkey 101". Of course it was just a phrase to introduce Monkey 101, but Jack and John liked the sci-fi primitive nature of the phrase and decided that would be their band name. Audio Kings of the Third World has been a band for about 20 years in different incarnations. It's been mostly in the past 2 years that the band has really come into it's own and has been active again recording and playing gigs in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Audio Kings recently released a 5 song EP called "Do It Now Till It Hurts which is available as a free download @ bandcamp: CLICK For Free Download

If you wish to learn more about the band or keep in touch with them you can follow them on their facebook page @

If you wish to listen to an interview the band did with Your Local Note you can hear it @

The following is their official press kit bio:
Hailing from the greater Philadelphia area, the Audio Kings sound emerges from a dark corner of the new wave era. Their finely crafted dreamlike pop tunes represent an idlike angst lurking just beneath the conscious world of the twenty first century. Gravitating between the spacey and the aggressive, their commitment to pop structure and contrasting indie sensibility evokes Joy Division's post punk and New Wave fringe like (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four and The Fall ), and at times channels the Kraut Rock Kings of old.

Camera (2011)

Spend The Night With You (2011)

Take You Out (2011)



  1. Though it is not my type of music, I want to send my congrats to the band.

  2. Rock on, good original sound.

  3. I liked this even though it is different than the type of music I usually listen to :)