Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dying Elk Herd... welcome to their humor-filled horror...

The Dying Elk Herd is an old-school-ish pop-punk band from Lancaster, PA. Their upbeat sound sits well amongst bands such as Weezer and Presidents of the USA. With in the music The Dying Elk Herd interjects many instances of humor without being to "cheeky". Good clean and slick music for simple enjoyment.

Currently The Dying Elk Herd is enjoying a bit of success with their musical contribution to a recently released indie "Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You". The Dying Elk Herd wrote the title song and performed it for the movie. The movie is described as a family oriented horror comedy.
-Randall Webb

The members of The Dying Elk Herd grew up in the shadows of the punk shows played in the early days at the "old" Chameleon Club and various other venues in the area on the front side of the 1980's.

Dave Benner, Greg Cathey and Curt Laudenberger grew up in Lancaster, PA. All went to different high schools but somehow managed to meet and become friends while traveling in the same circles; circles consisting of skaters, freaks, punk rockers, musicians and your basic anti-social malcontents. Early on, Dave was in Nobody's Fools, which later morphed into Kirk and the Jerks. Around that time, Greg & Curt were in The Dilemmas together. At one point, Dave and Curt played together in Kirk and the Jerks circa 1988. Dave first sang lead when he, Greg and Curt formed Strange Angels circa 1990. That band turned into Mystery City with Dave's brother, Eric Benner (of Stiletto Boys fame.) Greg then played with Jet Silver. In 1994 Dave, Greg and Curt played together again in another version of Kirk & the Jerks, which disbanded in 1996. You get the idea - they've played a few songs together. Fast forward just 13 short years later and the three of them rose again from the Jerks ashes. They got reacquainted when the movie Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas used some Mystery City music in their credits, and they began a project which is now known as The Dying Elk Herd.

                    Check out The Dying Elk Herd on their website at:

           Facebook users will be happy to see them at:

Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You (2012)

Another Restless Night (2012)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Animal Confession: Dark, spacey and Ambient

Animal Confession is one of those bands that immediately sinks into your soul and grabs your pulse with their energetic and enthusiastic alternative rock sounds. Their music encapsulates much of the good we've heard in rock music over the past 40 years. elements of grunge, classic rock, alt-rock and a big U2 influenced sound drive this Canadian band.

Their first full album "Bright Light, Dark eyes" will be released in October 2012. The album was mostly recorded at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga, Ontario and was produced by Chris Crerar. Crerar has also worked with Prince, Nelly Furtado, Peter, Bjorn and John and others.

Animal Confession sites Pink Floyd, Nirvana, U2, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure amongst their influences. With their finely crafted music this band is destined for greatness. Keep your eyes on these guys.
- Randall Webb

Animal Confession website:

Pictured (left to right) Trevor Grey (Drums), Andrew Gharib (Vocals/Guitar), Patrick Quesnel (Bass)

A few chosen paragraphs from their official bio:
The Ottawa, Ontario hard rock band Animal Confession plans to invade your ears and penetrate your brains in 2012 with their debut album. Comprised of Andrew Gharib (vocals, guitar) and Patrick Quesnel (bass), Animal Confession’s music combines the gritty toughness of Deftones, with the moodiness of Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure.

 When listening to Animal Confession music, you can hear traces of their musical influences; and the artists that have impacted them the most are also some of rock’s best. These include Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), The Edge (U2), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).

 When asked to describe Animal Confession music, Gharib calls it “hard rock, somewhat experimental, heavy yet catchy.” Not surprisingly, listeners oftentimes compare the group’s sounds to The Smashing Pumpkins and My Morning Jacket – two groups that don’t fit nice and neatly in one genre description.

Best wishes to Animal Confession

Monday, June 11, 2012

Frank Rendo: A Ordinary Guy with an Extraordinary Gift

 Through the internet I've known Frank for about five years. He is an excellent vocalist with a sparkle and joy in his voice. Like his voice, Frank the man, is honest, down to earth and delightful. Frank sings in a restful tone which reaches in and grabs at the soul. I am proud to know Frank and my life has been enriched from the joy I get from hearing his voice.
Randall Webb

Frank Rendo Links:

How Can You Say No to This Man?
Singer Frank Rendo Inspires Hope Within His Audience
Frank Rendo is thrilled to be ask to share the stage with friend Michael Amante tonight, singing 2 duets with him. This is Frank’s third appearance in this legendary theatre.

Frank is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary gift. Unassuming, down to earth and just plain easy to talk to, he’s not the usual type you’d expect to be carrying around a powerhouse of a voice that can render an entire audience spellbound and speechless; but he does.

He carries his own sound equipment if necessary and enters his performances without the benefit of a body guard or entourage. When ready to begin, he simply smiles at the audience, greets them like family and then opens his mouth and out pours this glorious expression of such vocal beauty that touches you so profoundly, you believe he is singing just to you.

A member of NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences), and a voting member of the Grammys, ASCAP artist and songwriter, Frank Rendo always offers his audience a heartfelt and sincere musical presentation with powerful messages of comfort, strength, hope and inspiration that are conveyed through every note he sings.

Frank’s talent has taken him throughout the USA and Europe. Frank began as a performer and music director for the group Front Line, an inspirational vocal group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which toured the USA, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Frank then moved on to be part of, Epiphany, a trio which toured the USA, Denmark and Israel before striking out on his own as a solo artist. This career choice vaulted Frank into the spotlight of well loved vocal performing artists and his solid fan base continually reflects in his sold out performances.

His impressive and varied career includes 5 solo albums to date, Deliver Me featuring the single “Don’t Laugh At Me,” Inspired: Songs From Broadway & Film, Remembering Christmas featuring the single “God Help The Outcasts,” Shine, and, How Can You Say No to This Man? all of which have sold thousands and received rave reviews.

Frank has numerous personal concert appearances, regional theatre credits and voice over work to his credit. A true crowd favorite, Frank can be seen regularly performing at East Northport, Long Island’s premiere music showplace, Samantha’s L’il Bit of Heaven, enjoying a monthly, “Evening with Frank Rendo” concert, hosted on the first Saturday of each month to sold-out crowds (tel 631-262-1212). His resume also cites that most recently, he has appeared in 3 television commercials, 2 of which were for the MTV “Rock The Vote Campaign” and VH-1 “Behind The Music” and the other was for Sears. Between his performances, Frank teaches voice and coaches other performers.

Frank is also a gifted producer and has co-produced musical fundraisers at Nassau Coliseum and Westbury Music Fair for “Jesus Alive”, a non-profit organization to help raise money to feed the homeless on Long Island, with a major successful Long Island event at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts on 10/10/10 that yielded a large amount of funds for the cause. The show was an original music play written by his music partner Palma Pascale, entitled Did You Talk To Him Today? It was replayed on June 11, 2011 at the Bay Shore Assembly of God Church, and on October 20, 2012, will again be performed at the Village of Faith Church in Farmingville, Long Island. Currently, Frank is singing alongside tenor Michael Amante in a “Michael Amante and Friends” concert series.

Don't Laugh At Me by Frank Rendo
"Don't Laugh At Me" is born out of Frank's commitment to stamp out bullying.

Purchase "Deliver Me" by Frank Rendo
See info below

Thank You Frank!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pleased to meet you: Granell (new band from Brazil)

I received an email from André Coutinho, the manager of Brazilian band Granell, about a month ago. At first I overlooked the email as I thought it was spam. But for some reason I did not delete it. A few days later I took a look at the email and listened to the band's music and immediately knew I wanted to do a feature on these guys. They are the real thing. Pure rock with a clean and creative edge. Granell rocks like no other Brazilian band I've heard. They blend harmony with driving rhythm and moving guitar riffs. Enio Torres is the band's lead singer and guitarist, he really rocks as he so fantastically leads the band with his unique guitar style and outstanding vocal style. These guys are certainly at the top of my list. Thank you Granell, you are my next new favorite!
- Randall Webb

Enio Torres - Vocals and Guitar
Josué Torres - Bass
Lucas Medina - Drums

New Brazilian band has gained Highlights on several sites and on MTV in England.

With a serious smooth and imperative vocal by Enio Torres, Granell stands out in the alternative Brazilian market by blending an array of good taste and harmony. A bass loaded with infinite grooves, rocking drums and a guitar full of richness and precision will make Granell your next favorite band.

 Grannel has been on the road since 2003. In 2006, they had their first hit with the ballad “Pra você” (For you), with airplay on hundreds of radio stations. The video clip was broadcast on several television networks such as MTV, Multishow and others. 

Although Brazil has been best known for its samba, with musicians such as Antonia Carlos Jobim, Granell has become a worldwide popular force in alternative rock through internet. Recently the band has released “Se Decide”, which has brought the trio (Enio Torres - Guitar and vocalist, Josué Torres - Bass and Lucas Medina - drums) a good amount of public attention.

“Sincerity is what drives my heart / Want it or not / Either stay or go / But you gotta stay!” (Chorus in "Se Decide").

Going against the current musical trends in Brazil, it is a relief to fans of indie pop to be able to savor a new taste of music whose influences include Brazilian stars such as, Jorge Ben and Tim Maia, as well as other musicians from around the world like Men At Work, Foo Fighters, Maroon 5 and Kings of Lion. Grannel's joyous and rocking sound draws people in to experience moments of real joy and genuine musical entertainment.

If you are interested in knowing about the history of our band and also download our songs, please access our site:

Granell - Se Decide (2012)

Granell - Pra Voce (2009)


Monday, March 26, 2012

Spendin' some time with Emprie Saints

Empire Saints are an Irish foursome who's music ranges from straight ahead guitar driven pop-rock tunes to electronic dance-pop/rock. However you put it Their music blends elements of U2, Depeche Mode and LCD Soundsystem to create and indie rock dance rock sort of sound.

I have had the opportunity to preview their upcoming release, a song called "Note The Meaning". I really enjoyed what I heard. It's a nice electronic tune which with it's driving dance beat and the echoing and dour lead vocal finds Empire Saints somewhere between Giorgio Moroder, Depeche Mode and LCD Soundsystem. They are currently working on a new album and if "Note The Meaning" is any indication of what we'll hear on the album I am certain that Empire Saints will find their career in music rising to the next level. "Note The Meaning" is a big step forward for Empire Saints, most particularly in the technical and production sense of their music.
- Randall Webb

Empire Saints

Bio from the Empire Saints website

Empire Saints are an Irish four-piece band consisting of Fiachra Treacy (vocals and guitars), Uisneagh Treacy (bass), Noel Healy (drums) and Pete Cheevers (guitars).

Formed in 2009 by brothers Fiachra and Uisneagh, they began working with Noel on putting together a collection of material in the studio, the result of which was their debut EP, Soundtrack to the City. The four track EP was produced and recorded by Garreth Mannix in Sun Studios, Dublin.

Last year they were joined by guitarist, Pete Cheevers, who brought a unique quality to the band with his ethereal guitar playing, that complimented the mood and sound of the music perfectly.
The band have gigged extensively both in Ireland and abroad, playing in such venues as Whealan’s, Crawdaddy, The Empire and The Hope and Anchor in London.

Empire Saints were finalists in the Guinness Our Thursdays competition and as a result, played support to the Magic Numbers, Imelda May and David Gray in Folan’s Quay Galway, as part of the Arthur’s Day celebrations.

Appearing on the cover of the Hotpress magazine was a great boost to the band’s profile. They are currently working hard in the Vault studio in Dublin putting the finishing touches to their debut album.

A few words from band member and founder Fiachra Teachy
 Empire Saints are Fiachra Treacy (guitars, vocals) Pete Cheevers (guitars, keys) Uisneagh Treacy (bass, vocals) Noel Healy (drums, grovebox)
We have just finished recording our debut album, which we recorded and produced ourselves. Looking back it was a very difficult process. We enjoyed it at the start but when it came to chopping and changing we all have very strong opinions and this can lead to arguments (had to dodge a few drumsticks, cheers Noel!!!). It meant the album took a lot longer than we expected. In hindsight a producer would have made it a lot easier, even if they were to act merely as an adjudicator. We could not agree on mixes and drafted in Phil Hayse (producer with Bell x1 and Cakesale to name a few) to sprinkle some magic on the album which he so expertly has done. He has made the tracks sound more like an album, putting a dance feel on the guitar tracks and really bringing the electronic tracks to life.
The majority of the tracks on the album start off as a song written by Fiachra on an acoustic guitar but don't really become Empire Saints songs till the rest of the boys get a hold of them. Noel and Uisneagh have come up with some of the initial ideas also with Noel specializing in the electronic songs he puts together on the grovebox.

The band has a wide variety of influences which took a while to hone into one particular sound. The Stone  Roses, The Cure, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, Joy Division, Leftfield. I think all them have one thing in common that the songs come from the heart and do have an emotional feel which we try to emulate.

We have played gigs all around Ireland and in London, and have been on the same bill as The Magic Numbers, David Gray and Newton Faulkner at Arthurs Day in Galway. We played in front of 3500 people that day and it really gave us a boost and made us think if we work hard we could have something really special here.

We are all finally happy with the album and think it is something to be very proud of. Every song has its own place on it and we feel it is the type of album people will be able to put on and listen the whole way through, the kind of album people used to make before the emphasis became solely on 'the big hit'.

The album will be called 'Product' for a couple of reasons. The songs are about the environment we are in and have grown up in Dublin and Bray. There are stories about people we know and also ourselves so the songs are a product of our environment. We also put in two years of work into it and are eventually left with the album, It seems to sum all the bu**s**t up into one 'product'. To sell, to give away. Personally I just want people to listen to it and hope they can relate to the songs and come see us live.

The album should be released at the end of March and will be available worldwide on itunes.
People can check us out on myspace, facebook and follow us on our website

Empire Saints

Empire Saints - Eventually

Empire Saints - Flow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sharing the beat with Bluelight

Bluelight offers a well layered mix of electronic dance club sounds. Their music is heavily influenced by 1980's new wave with it's infectious rhythms and electronic beats. Lead vocalist, Andrea Hector-Brown, sounds pleasantly reminiscent of Terri Nunn from the band Berlin. Bluelight's nicely polished sound is well worth taking giving a listen.

Band members:

Lin Gardiner - Keys, Programming and Production
Andréa Hector-Brown - Vocals, Bass, Keys

Bluelight, duo Lin Gardiner and Andréa Hector, met at a Vancouver recording
studio by way of a casual hello through a mutual friend. They soon became
musical allies and began writing songs together just to “see what would come of
it”. It turned out that Gardiner’s British production sensibilities married
perfectly with Hector’s West Coast edge.

After releasing their ‘I See Fine’ EP and video, a string of live shows and periods
of concentrated songwriting saw the band intensify momentum, resulting in their
debut full length album ‘On The Edge’.

Bluelight’s electronic darkside-pop evokes emotions that speak to the real
(sometimes all too real) life experiences of these two masterly artists. Surprising
wit and optimism in songs like ‘Cloud of Doom’ and ‘Sit in Silence’ are bed
partners with the depths of gloom found in ‘My Demon’ and ‘We Always Knew’.
‘On The Edge’ is a collection of beautifully crafted songs where sweet, shakingly
terrified vocals in one breath (‘Your Eyes’) lead to attitude-laden choruses in
another (‘Take You Down’ and new single ‘Do What You Want’).

When you take a step back and wonder at their raw vulnerability, it’s obvious
these two have lived every single line and they are intent on pulling your
listening ears into their wild world.

For more on Bluelight please visit their website @ 

Mini interview with Andrea Hector
Randall Webb: Who writes your songs?

Andrea Hector:  We are co-writers in Bluelight.  Lin will give me an idea and I’ll run with it, writing lyrics and melody, sometimes writing lyrics to Lin’s melody.  We’re trying more of a collaborative effort this time around.  Our newest songs are on the burners.

Randall Webb: Will you be playing anywhere soon?

Andrea Hector:  We will have gigs coming up.  We had a great run this past summer with performances in a few festivals this past summer. In the last gig we played, I put so much into my performance that I left that on a stretcher, lol!

Randall Webb: How long have you been a band?

Andrea Hector:  We met through a mutual friend at a recording studio they both worked out of.  It was 2004.  By 2006 we were writing songs together as a test to see if our creative works would be a match.  It was and here we are today.


Thank you Bluelight for sharing your excellent  music!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introducing... Audio Kings of the Third World

It is with extreme happiness that I introduce to you Audio Kings of the Third World. I discovered them when I did a google+ search for unsigned bands. They were mentioned by someone in one of my circles. I did further searches on youtube and other areas and quickly came to really like their music. I emailed the band and got a response from Jack (one of the band's founding members). As I researched these guys I came to discover they're just normal everyday looking dudes who make really excellent music. Somewhat steeped in new wave 80's meets 60's psychedelic rock. What a powerful combination. I'm convince, these guys are great!
- Randall Webb

 Audio Kings of the Third World (2011)

Jack Cannon - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, programming
John Oates - Vocals
Jim Hall - Guitar
Peter Heleva - Bass
Drum Machine - Drums (Jack Cannon programs the samples the beats)

Why the name Audio Kings of the Third World. About ten years ago the band was playing a gig with the band Monkey 101. The poster for the show read, "audio kings of the third world Monkey 101". Of course it was just a phrase to introduce Monkey 101, but Jack and John liked the sci-fi primitive nature of the phrase and decided that would be their band name. Audio Kings of the Third World has been a band for about 20 years in different incarnations. It's been mostly in the past 2 years that the band has really come into it's own and has been active again recording and playing gigs in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Audio Kings recently released a 5 song EP called "Do It Now Till It Hurts which is available as a free download @ bandcamp: CLICK For Free Download

If you wish to learn more about the band or keep in touch with them you can follow them on their facebook page @

If you wish to listen to an interview the band did with Your Local Note you can hear it @

The following is their official press kit bio:
Hailing from the greater Philadelphia area, the Audio Kings sound emerges from a dark corner of the new wave era. Their finely crafted dreamlike pop tunes represent an idlike angst lurking just beneath the conscious world of the twenty first century. Gravitating between the spacey and the aggressive, their commitment to pop structure and contrasting indie sensibility evokes Joy Division's post punk and New Wave fringe like (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four and The Fall ), and at times channels the Kraut Rock Kings of old.

Camera (2011)

Spend The Night With You (2011)

Take You Out (2011)