Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sharing the beat with Bluelight

Bluelight offers a well layered mix of electronic dance club sounds. Their music is heavily influenced by 1980's new wave with it's infectious rhythms and electronic beats. Lead vocalist, Andrea Hector-Brown, sounds pleasantly reminiscent of Terri Nunn from the band Berlin. Bluelight's nicely polished sound is well worth taking giving a listen.

Band members:

Lin Gardiner - Keys, Programming and Production
Andréa Hector-Brown - Vocals, Bass, Keys

Bluelight, duo Lin Gardiner and Andréa Hector, met at a Vancouver recording
studio by way of a casual hello through a mutual friend. They soon became
musical allies and began writing songs together just to “see what would come of
it”. It turned out that Gardiner’s British production sensibilities married
perfectly with Hector’s West Coast edge.

After releasing their ‘I See Fine’ EP and video, a string of live shows and periods
of concentrated songwriting saw the band intensify momentum, resulting in their
debut full length album ‘On The Edge’.

Bluelight’s electronic darkside-pop evokes emotions that speak to the real
(sometimes all too real) life experiences of these two masterly artists. Surprising
wit and optimism in songs like ‘Cloud of Doom’ and ‘Sit in Silence’ are bed
partners with the depths of gloom found in ‘My Demon’ and ‘We Always Knew’.
‘On The Edge’ is a collection of beautifully crafted songs where sweet, shakingly
terrified vocals in one breath (‘Your Eyes’) lead to attitude-laden choruses in
another (‘Take You Down’ and new single ‘Do What You Want’).

When you take a step back and wonder at their raw vulnerability, it’s obvious
these two have lived every single line and they are intent on pulling your
listening ears into their wild world.

For more on Bluelight please visit their website @ 

Mini interview with Andrea Hector
Randall Webb: Who writes your songs?

Andrea Hector:  We are co-writers in Bluelight.  Lin will give me an idea and I’ll run with it, writing lyrics and melody, sometimes writing lyrics to Lin’s melody.  We’re trying more of a collaborative effort this time around.  Our newest songs are on the burners.

Randall Webb: Will you be playing anywhere soon?

Andrea Hector:  We will have gigs coming up.  We had a great run this past summer with performances in a few festivals this past summer. In the last gig we played, I put so much into my performance that I left that on a stretcher, lol!

Randall Webb: How long have you been a band?

Andrea Hector:  We met through a mutual friend at a recording studio they both worked out of.  It was 2004.  By 2006 we were writing songs together as a test to see if our creative works would be a match.  It was and here we are today.


Thank you Bluelight for sharing your excellent  music!



  1. thank you so much for this xoxo

    now i'm off to go spread the word

    a xo

  2. I love the singing and music from this band. The best music imo has words that describe life and that is what hooked me.The first song I ever heard by them was "I See Fine" and every song since then has captured me :)

  3. Great post Randall - love your new blog!
    Lin and Andrea are definitely making some great music together that more people need to hear. :)